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Thread: Will Pre-Transcoding allow me to skip forward/back in video?

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    Will Pre-Transcoding allow me to skip forward/back in video?


    I have recently learned that when a video is transcoded on the fly, my TV can no longer skip forward or back in the video. After looking into this, it seems to be due to the "on the fly" nature of the transcoding. The Kooraroo feature page indicates that full version of KRR can pre-transcode video. If I do this, would I then be able to skip forward/back in the video?

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    Yes, it will help in most cases, but to be sure, please let me know which device you are streaming to and which device profile is used in KooRaRoo (check the Devices pane).

    If you started using the free version less than 30 days ago, you can try installing the paid version on top of that and try it. You can always re-install the free version and your media library will still be intact.

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    Thank you Dennis, I am streaming to my LG 55LW5600 TV and using the "LG TV" device profile.

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    Thank you for the information - I just needed to confirm that it's still the same device (as opposed to a mobile phone/tablet or something else). Yes, it should help with FF/REW for transcoded files, but the best and sure way to test this is to install the trial version of the paid edition. As I mentioned, you can swap free and paid editions during the first 30 days and if that's not enough to evaluate, I can send you a trial extension code - please open a ticket through for that.

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    Thank you again Dennis but just to clarify, I can already FF/REW at X2 speed with the "on the fly" transcoding. What I cannot do is Skip/Jump forward or backward and I am wondering if pre-transcoding the video will allow that for my device. The TV can skip forward and back in the test video when KKR streams it without any transcoding.

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    Yes, I believe I saw such behavior on my test LG TV (different model though) and it does work properly with already transcoded files. It's best to try on your specific TV though and see how it goes. Please do let me know.

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    Hello again Dennis,

    I deleted the existing transcodes and then pre-transcoded the video using my TV's transcode profile. I then went to my TV, selected the file and hit play. I found that it still did not allow me to skip/forward back but, when I returned to my computer, I found a second transcode listed under the file's properties. Is KRR ignoring the pre-transcoded file and instead streaming a new "on the fly" transcode to my TV?

    **EDIT** I tried transcoding the file to "mpeg 2" format instead of the default "mpegts_h264" and it allowed me to skip forward/back. Obviously, no additional transcode was created when I played it on the TV. Unfortunately, I still had no subtitles and it chose the wrong audio track for some reason (English when the preference is set to Japanese).
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    If you do manual pre-transcoding, then you need to set the correct audio language stream and also tick the burned-in subtitles on that dialog. What we can try is to set MPEG2 as the default transcoding for you and see if that gets the files going without pre-transcoding. Please open a support ticket and I'll be happy to work with you on this.


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