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Thread: Watch and auto update/add media from folders

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    Hi Dennis,

    Ive a a problem with streaming for weeks and today I found KooRaRoo and it seems to be perfect for my request. But at the moment it doesnt work as I wish.

    I want to watch football livestreams. They are embedded within websites and I use "Replay Media Catcher" to found the hidden link and for downloading the stream as .flv to my PC.
    The Problem is, that - because RMC is still downloading - the file gets bigger and bigger. Lets better say the problem is that the video is changing at anytime.
    When I start to stream via KRR everything is fine, but after a short time, the stream ends. I think the problem is, that KRR only streams the video as it was at the time when I started the stream (and do not stream the rest which has been downloaded during I stream the video).

    First of all I thought I can solve the issue when I activate "Auto-Refresh" in 1-minute intervals. But it doesnt work :-(

    Do you have any idea?

    I think I have to use RMC because the video seems to have an rtmp-link. Maybe there is a solution without RMC and directly via KRR.

    Looking forward to your answer. Btw: GREAT tool :-) Started today with the trial-phase but when I can solve my issue I will definitely buy it :-)


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    Hi Andreas,

    I'm glad you like KooRaRoo - thank you!

    Can you please tell me which device you are streaming to? Also, if you check the Devices panes, what is the device profile used for your device? I need to know this to determine whether the FLV files are being streamed to your device natively or transcoded.

    Refreshing the folder won't help - what may help is if we force transcoding of these FLVs and see if the device can handle a growing size (depends on the device and device profile).

    In the future yes, KRR will allow streaming online video directly (at the moment only online audio is supported).

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    Im using a TV named "Philips 4000 series Smart LED-Fernseher 47PFL4307K 119 cm (47'') Easy 3D DVB-T/C/S2 mit Pixel Plus HD".

    Now I also found out some strange things.
    Sometimes KRR seems to transcode, sometimes not. What I mean is that when I start streaming - it seems also to transcode.
    After some time it does not transcode anymore, but KRR streams. And even some time later, the stream finishes.

    Additionally, it seems ok when I do a manual refresh. But only for some time.
    For example. Before I started a video which has been downloaded for 1 minute. I did manual refreshes during the stream and if Im not wrong it streamed far more than 1 minute!! But after a few minutes it stopped immediately (although i did manual refreshes every minute!).

    Basically my TV does not support flv videos. So I have to transcode them to mpeg. But obviously KRR does it automatically, because otherwise it should not be possible to start the video!

    do you need further information?
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    Thanks for clarifying that.

    At the moment there is no dedicated device profile for the 4000-series TVs, so I wonder which one is selected...

    I think it'll be best if we proceed with some logs, so that I could see the whole situation better. Please enable logging by ticking the Enable Logging item under the Tools menu. After that restart the server using the stop/start button on the toolbar and try streaming one of those FLVs until it stops. Once it stops, stop the server and send the logs through

    Once I get the logs, I'll check what's happening and we can work out a solution for this.

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    thank you sooooo much

    I did it, but where do I find the log files?

    I tried it 2 times. During the first stream, my RMC finished the download when I started streaming!
    At the 2nd try, RMC works perfectly. But I think you are right. The Video was about 2:50 min long when I started to stream. After a while transcoding finished, but streaming was still in progress. I tried to manually refresh the folder. It worked, but after 2:50 the stream also finished...

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    Sorry, I was just about to type where to find the logs To find the logs, please go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations and click the Open button on the Logs folder.

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    thanks! sent you an email with the log files. the name:"Live Streaming with Philips TV"

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    Ok, great! I'll get back to you via e-mail after going through the logs.


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