Hi Dennis,

Iīve a a problem with streaming for weeks and today I found KooRaRoo and it seems to be perfect for my request. But at the moment it doesnīt work as I wish.

I want to watch football livestreams. They are embedded within websites and I use "Replay Media Catcher" to found the hidden link and for downloading the stream as .flv to my PC.
The Problem is, that - because RMC is still downloading - the file gets bigger and bigger. Letīs better say the problem is that the video is changing at anytime.
When I start to stream via KRR everything is fine, but after a short time, the stream ends. I think the problem is, that KRR only streams the video as it was at the time when I started the stream (and do not stream the rest which has been downloaded during I stream the video).

First of all I thought I can solve the issue when I activate "Auto-Refresh" in 1-minute intervals. But it doesnīt work :-(

Do you have any idea?

I think I have to use RMC because the video seems to have an rtmp-link. Maybe there is a solution without RMC and directly via KRR.

Looking forward to your answer. Btw: GREAT tool :-) Started today with the trial-phase but when I can solve my issue I will definitely buy it :-)