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Thread: Since Windows 8 install no thumbnails on new videos

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    Since Windows 8 install no thumbnails on new videos

    Since my install of Windows 8, KooRaRoo works still fine, but new videos added have no thumbnails contrary to older one added under windows 7. Does any body have this problem?

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    It should still work the same. Can you please check that you didn't disable video thumbnail generation via the Tools -> Options -> Update Folders (make sure "Create thumbnails from media files" checkbox is ticked).

    If that's not the case, I'll need to see a log file of you adding one video to KRR - to do that, please enable logging, then add one video file and once the Status pane clears up, send in the logs to support.

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    I read the logs and it was said that the database was corrupted. I had a backup, now using the backup everything works.

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    Strange why the DB would be corrupted. Did you copy it from a backup after installing Windows 8? Perhaps the backup was done while the database was being used, which could have left it in an open state. In any case, it's great that it works again now!

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    Yes, that's what I did. I copied from a backup.

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    Thanks, Dennis.
    Which "Tools"? Where? Please... where can I find it? ... no thumbnails, just pointless icons is driving me crazy.

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    The "Tools" is the menu item at the top (right before Help) - sorry, I should've been more clear


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