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Thread: 1st time user questions

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    1st time user questions

    Hi, just download this software to my PC and added a folder which was on a 3TB externally attached USB drive. My system is running Window XP pro sp3. Took about 30 minutes to add the 200+ files. Now I want to push the movies files to an Xbox 360 on the other side of the room via the home network lan. I tried to add this device but I was unsuccessful. Can you show me how to add this device and view the movie on the tv attached to the Xbox. Thanks.

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    It sounds a bit on the slow side - were just those 200 files added or were there more photos/music as well? I'd expect it to add 200 files in under 5 minutes. If you check the Status pane, does it list more files?

    The Xbox360 should be detected by KRR once the server is running. If it's not detected, then either your firewall is blocking KRR (are you using the Windows built-in firewall or a third-party one?) or the Xbox is not on the same subnet as your PC.

    I'll be happy to help you sort this out - just e-mail support (at) kooraroo (dot) com and we can get you up and running.

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    Dennis, thanks for the reply. Guess I was just a bit impatient. Server did find my Xbox and I will start learning to use this software for streaming to the device. Still nothing happens when I hit the "push to device". The drop down box is empty. Any ideas?

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    Xbox should be listed as a renderer. Do you have the latest update for the Xbox installed? I've seen it disappear from time to time from the renderer list, but it seems more stable with the latest update from Microsoft.

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    Dennis, thanks for the reply. The software list the Xbox at the bottom of the screen if that is what you mean by KRR detecting the device. I still can't push the play to button because there is nothing on the drop down menu. However, I can go to the xbox and play files on the network detected by KRR. Only problem is that Xbox or my computer is too slow to render any of the 1080p files. It simply will not play these files. However, 720p mkv files play ok but I have no control over the skip forward or next chapter buttons. Only time that I could use these basic features is when I play xvid movies files. Is this unique to Xbox or is it is my old PC? Best regards.

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    There are basically two ways KRR can detect a device - it picks up DLNA-compatible players (clients) and displays those in the Devices pane. Some of those clients are also "renderers" which means files can be pushed to them. If a device is detected as being a renderer, it says so in the Devices pane (see the attached screenshot how it should appear) and also this device will appear in the "Play To" menu. The Xbox is a renderer, but I've found that sometimes it disappears and reappears as a renderer on its own. With the latest update on the Xbox it seems more stable, that's why I asked if you installed the latest update on it or not yet.

    Try deleting the Xbox from the Devices pane, the restart the server and KRR GUI and see if it's detected as a renderer.

    If that doesn't help, please enable logging (tick the "Enable Logging" item under the Tools menu), then stop the server, delete the Xbox from the Devices pane and shut down KRR. After that start up KRR and wait for the Xbox to be detected again. Once it appears in the Devices pane, shut down KRR again and send in the logs to support (at) kooraroo (dot) com.

    To find out where logs are, go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations and click the Open button on the Logs folder.

    Regarding MKV files - those are not supported by the Xbox, thus they need to be transcoded. For 1080p transcoding you'd need a minimum i5 CPU with 4GBs of RAM for real-time transcoding. What sort of CPU do you have and how much RAM is in your machine? 720p doesn't require as much processing power, but while transcoding is happening, the XBox disables FF/REW. What you can do is pre-transcode.

    To pre-transcode, right-click on a file you want to play, select Transcode, then select your device (e.g. Xbox) and click OK. You'll see transcoding start in the Status pane. You can wait for it to finish and play it on the Xbox to be able to FF/REW or you can start playing it on the Xbox after a few minutes (in case of high-def 1080p transcoding) and it should be able to play it (depending on the "fps" you get in the Status pane for the transcoded file). Let me know if you'd like more information on this and I'll be happy to give you more details.
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    The Xbox is the kid's console. I do not game. Just downloaded the latest firmware but Xbox still disappear some of the time. Looking to get a new media streamer. I am considering the Popcorn hour A-300 or the Western Digital Live Plus. I need the component output to my CRT TV. What do you recommend for the media streamer to best fit with KRR?

    My CPU is probably another major concern. I put this PC together back in 2006. It is an AMD Opteron 170 with the Nvidia NF4 chipset. I have it overclocked at 2.5 Mhz ( stock speed is 2.0 Mhz). The motherboard is the DFI Lanparty Expert. I have 2 gigs of Gskill DDR ram. System hard drive is almost full - Western Digital Raptor 70 Gigs at 10,000 rpm spindle speed. Movies are stored in an externally attached USB 3Tb Seagate Go flex drive. This probably explains why even when I transcode several minutes ahead before play. I still do not get the fast forward or rewind features in Xbox. Best regards.

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    Did the Xbox ever come up as a renderer though?

    Out of the Popcorn Hour or WD TV Live, I'd pick WD TV Live Plus, although both will work. Are you looking strictly at media players or would perhaps a BluRay player also work?

    Regarding your CPU - yes, it's enough to stream and transcode lower-def files, but it won't handle 720p and above in real-time unfortunately. Having a media player (or a BDP) that supports most formats, will help heaps, as KRR will not need to transcode much and can just deliver contents to your media player and your TV.

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    Yes, Xbox came up as rendering device but it still comes and goes. Even if I transcode movie ahead of time, Xbox still will not let me use the fast forward / rewind features. This is with a wired ethernet connection. Funny thing is that my MacBook can play all the movies over wireless with these features. Currently with the Mac, I am using shared folders from the PC. I use XBMC to play the files. KRR detected my MacBook, but I don't know how to assess KRR from the MacBook. Any ideas?

    Regarding streaming media players, anything particular reason why you choose WD Live vs. the A-300? I need component out for the TV. I can simply plug the component cable into the back of the A-300. With the WD Live, I think you need some kind of special breakout cable to get component out.

    Regarding BluRay player, I have a BR burner on the PC with PowerDVD 11. Not sure if I want to get another BR player. Most of the ones I see today only have hdmi out and not component. Correct?

    One other question. If I build a new PC workstation with Windows 8, will KRR still work? Thanks and best regards.

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    I'll double-check why the Xbox doesn't let you FF/REW an already transcoded file - it really should, but perhaps something broke in the last Xbox update. If that's the case, it'll be fixed in the next KRR update.

    On the Mac you need a DLNA-compatible player that can access KooRaRoo, then you can access it.

    The reason why I chose WD over PCH is that I have a WD myself Some PCH models don't really support DLNA and won't work with KRR (or any other DLNA server). I think A300 is ok though. Yes, you can't connect component directly to WD though.

    I mentioned BluRay players because some of them support lots of formats, so again, less transcoding on the server side and you get BluRay playback and I think it should be possible to find one with component output. It may also cost the same or even cheaper than Popcorn.

    KooRaRoo works on Windows 8, no problem there.


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