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Thread: DVD iso , no subtitles

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    Question DVD iso , no subtitles

    I purchased this program a while ago.
    It works fine, but when i open a DVD iso file , it plays great, but there are no subtitles.

    I checked the iso, but it has several subtitles.

    Is there a way to enable subtitles in transcoded streams?
    In the device preferences, i can specify which audio language i want to use, that works fine.
    But i can`t find an option to specify which subtitle language i want

    btw. since the new update the web interface starts up much faster.
    Less than 1 minute, used to be almost 10 minutes.
    (I know , but it`s quit a big collection it has to manage..)

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    Subtitles in a DVD file cannot be typically just embedded as a new stream, so they need to be burned onto the video. This is coming very soon, so you'll be able to make those subtitles appear, similar to the language settings.

    The current transcoding settings for the subtitles are only applicable for subtitles that are part of the video file as a stream (e.g. a subtitle stream in an MKV file). Many devices cannot display those, unfortunately. Thus, KooRaRoo will allow you to just write the subtitles over a video.

    I'm glad that it starts up much faster now - there has been a bit of work optimizing performance in the last version. If you don't mind, how big is your collection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    I'm glad that it starts up much faster now - there has been a bit of work optimizing performance in the last version. If you don't mind, how big is your collection?
    Well, @ the moment it`s about 700GB of mp3 files and movies.
    However a lot of the movies are DVD iso files.

    But it`s nice to know this is feature getting added in a future version

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    There are many features planned, but subtitles are one of the top priority ones, so should be coming soon - work has already started There are a few features developed in parallel and tested and tweaked, so they may appear at any stage.

    With the size of the collection, it's the number of files and folders that mostly affects loading speed of the GUI, but even if you have 150-200 thousand files/folders, it should still be under 10-15 seconds when loading the GUI. Unless, of course, you are running this on a single-core old CPU.

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    No, it`s on a Dual Core Pentium G630 (Sandy Bridge).
    However, i was using the onboard Intel raid.
    Now i changed that to a proper hardware controller (HP P400 with backup battery), so maybe that`s whats making it load so much faster..

    P.s. if you are adding more functions...
    It would be nice to be able to choose on which network interface the program listens...
    (I also use this machine for some virtual machines and sometimes it just listens on the VM network cards...)
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    The change in loading speed was between 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 - initial loading code was optimized quite a bit. Changing hardware helps as well

    You can limit the network cards used by KooRaRoo by going to the Devices pane, then double-click on the device and select the network card that will be used for that device. This will prevent multiple servers appearing (if you have multiple NICs) and you can also limit traffic to wired/wireless if that applies in your case.


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