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Thread: Windows 8 / WP Client

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    Windows 8 / WP Client


    Is there any clients that can read the meta data? I have yet to find anything useful.

    Also do you think you might consider a windows 8 (metro) / Windows phone player, preferably with play to, so I can fire my movies to my 360 at the flick of a button.

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    At the moment I don't know of any Windows 8 client, but I'll look into this. If you find something, please let us know as well.

    Do you need to play movies on the W8 phone as well or are you just looking for a controller?

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    I suppose it three points really

    1) There is a DNLA media player for Win8 called sMedio Truelink that can read mediua server so that works. What i was looking for is i suppose a win x86 client that can read the meta data and then play. Much like Plex can.

    2) If you were considering developing a Kooraroo Win8 Metro client that would run on Win8 / WinRT much like plex

    3) If you did 2 then porting to WP would be easier (so im told) playing on the phone would be ace as there are other controllers from the phone OEMS, Nokia has a controller, HTC has a player controller (the HTC player actually stops the Kooraroo server through which is odd, i then have to restart it)

    Generally though im after the same feature accross my devices (the xbox i can do little about), ie: being able to view the meta data attached to movies before i play them, so i can tell if its the movie i think it is then play it either on the device or to my xbox.

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    Ok, I think I understand better now

    So, you are looking for a richer media experience than a normal player, basically KRR desktop and KRR mobile tied together and KRR desktop feeding the mobile version with lots more metadata than a typical DLNA player, right?

    Regarding HTC bringing down the server - can you please tell me what player that is, so that I could investigate?

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    The desktop does not need to be tied to mobile, Windows 8 just allows code base sharing between the two. Basically 2 seperate apps that can read the metadata to provide a much richer experience. If its based on windows 8 the OS has playto build in so you can play the files directly from the desktop to another device.

    As for the the HTC problem is an HD7 running HTC connected media. If you want me to investigate please let me know and i can help out.

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    Yes, you are right - a W8-based tablet should be able to just run KRR, right? If that's the case, then you could just run KRR on it (sharing or not the same database with the desktop), so then you'd only need a player capable of playing all formats on it. Is that what you are thinking?

    If you can help with HTC, that would be great, thank you. As a starting point, please enable logging (tick the Enable Logging menu item under Tools), then restart the server to apply the logging change and connect to the server from HTC. Once it breaks, zip up the logs and send to support (at) kooraroo (dot) com. To find out where logs are, go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations and click the Open button on the Logs folder.

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    I now have my wp8 and loving it, one app that I have on there is called mymedia wp7. Its a front end to Tversity that allows me to access my movie content where ever I am in the world and play it directly on my device. (though opening ports and dynamic dns of my IP address) Is this some thing that is possible?

    If you did do this could you add the playto feature so from my phone I could browse the media libruary but play it too the xbox..

    Im not asking much :-)

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    I think that it should be possible to access your KRR's media library from anywhere in the world (with the right configuration) even now. I haven't configured it yet to give a sample scenario, but I'll do that and see how it goes and post back here. Then you could use any media controller app to push content from KRR to the Xbox - I'll need to try a few and find which works best, or if you also try them, please let me know.

    All suggestions are good - thank you!

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    HI Dennis,

    Have you seen this ? it has the WinRT and WP8 side that i was looking for. As its not out yet i have no idea how it runs but the media browsers look nice.

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    Yes, of course it is limited to only Windows-based devices, so won't work on anything else, but it does look nice - I agree. I've got this marked in my to-do list, so let's see how 2013 unfolds


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