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Thread: Age ratings and Time play

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    Age ratings and Time play


    Would it be possible to no only allow certain films to play on a device but to also have a time limit. My 360 is in the living room and I don't want the Kids to see high violence or adult content movies, but I don't want to keep changing settings, so I was thinking of having a watershed mark that is configurable so that after that time all videos are displayed?

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    It's an interesting idea - thanks! I think it makes great sense and I'll add this in soon.

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    Hi Dennis,

    An additional though over this theme, is it possible to do the same thing but putting the restriction on a folder ? So for example the xbox would see all the children's movies through the day but would not show the films with a more adult content till late in the day ?

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    Yes, it's possible to do this on a per-folder basis as well, but I'm not sure how it'll be different from just setting a global timed rating though (as it is now)? I mean, if you have your movies rated accordingly and then set the timed rated via the device properties dialog, it will show only children's movies in all folders. Do you want to override just one folder so that it's excluded from this, for example?

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    Ah right, looks like I might have mis-understood the rating :-) Ill take a deeper look first ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Counterfitninja View Post
    Ah right, looks like I might have mis-understood the rating :-) Ill take a deeper look first ;-)
    Just let me know if you have any questions on how it works and I'll be happy to explain them in more detail.

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    Morning, So finally had a chance to play. I have the xbox set to pg-13 and the override set to r. However I don't see any videos at all on the xbox. I have check the pg-13 folder and there are films there.

    If I turn off parental control the folders come back

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    The XBox doesn't display same folders as you see in KRR's GUI - it reformats them (for video) and displays a long list of files, but I assume you know that already

    Can you please post a screenshot of your Xbox's Parental Controls tab?

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    HI Dennis,

    Just realised I had not sent this over. Capture.PNG

    Here are my settings, I can get a shot of what the xbos shows, but I was seeing nothing until I set both to off.

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    Thanks for the screenshot, but I need the Parental Controls tab to see what's happening


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