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Thread: Dish Hopper/Joey device profile

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    With that stock definition from 1.7.0, KRR will take an MP4 with h264/AAC 5.1 and find that it's not supported natively, because "aac" is limited to 1 or 2 channels. It will then try to find whether it can remux the video and yes, it can - to a "matroska" container, since the video codec ids are the same. It will then check if it can remux the audio as well, but since "matroska" there also has "aac", which is limited to stereo, it can't remux a 5.1 AAC into it. Thus, it'll pick the first audio codec available, which is in this case AC3 (which also supports 5.1). So, the result should be remuxed video (h264) and converted audio (AC3 5.1) in an MKV container.

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    Thanks for that very thorough explanation. With just that one example, you describe most of what a device profile does. My system behaves a bit differently, though, so I'll send a log when I have the chance. Bottom line: the profile I worked out and posted seems to be the way to go when connected to a 5.1 channel sound system.

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    Ok, we'll go through the logs of course. One thing to keep in mind with device profiles - if you do a manual transcoding for the device, then that takes precedence over the settings in the device profile. Also, if you changed the profile, did some transcoding and then changed the profile back again, the files you transcoded using modified settings will still be used. This is all of course until you clear them out. This can be done by double-clicking on a file in KRR, then going to the Transcoding tab and deleting all entries there. Another way to clear up transcoding overrides is to right-click on your device in the Devices pane and use the Delete Transcoded Files command there.


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