I have recently setup a new Synology 1813+ NAS, reconfigured all of the library within KRR, and now i'm unable to play any file.
Error "The selected file is not currently supported". I get this error for every file.

After rebooting server, and restarting KRR a few times to no avail, i remapped my old NAS (a Thecus N4100+) and added a folder, attempted to play the same files, and had no problems at all.
I've gone through all the permissions on the File structure on the Synology and made sure the account that accesses the NAS from KRR has full rights, i've even enabled full rights to the guest.
I can see connections happening on the NAS from my domain account and all appears to be fine. I dont have any error logs on the NAS pointing to a problem.

Any help at all, would be most appreciated.
To help with any diagnostics, i have enable logging, attempted to play a video, after the failure, i've stopped the server and captured the Log.
Where should i send this?

Many Thanks