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    Edit Profiles

    Hi There,

    is there anyway to edit the profiles?

    I have a small atom based media server and I don't want to transcode my videos if they are compatible. Is is possible to turn off transcoding globally for all profiles rather than after the device is attached?

    Also when adding meta data to the movies, is it possible to add a bulk feature? either select all then go to the next when one is done, it would also be useful to have a select all button on the online tick options so I don't need to tick all the ones I want as I usually want them all


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    Yes, it's possible to edit the profiles - they are just one text file. For the exact location of it on your system (it depends on your Windows version), go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations and click the Open button on the Databases folder. In there you'll see a file KooRaRooDevices.krrx - this is just an XML, so you can open it up using your favorite text editor. Let me know if you have any questions on the actual profiles and I'll be happy to help.

    Typically, KRR will try to send all files that it can (based on the device profile) natively, so if you are seeing files that are transcoded, but which play with transcoding turned off, please let me know and I'll fix the device profile. I'll need to know the device make/model and also the device profile you are using for it. For the files themselves, please also send in "File Information" available via a right-click menu on the file.

    At the moment transcoding can only be turned off on a per-device basis, but I can certainly add a global option, if you think it's useful - let me know!

    I have plans to allow gather online metadata for videos in bulk mode as well. The biggest problem (and why it's not done right now) is to get a correct title of the video out of the usually semi-cryptic file name (if the title is not present in the meta data). I think the next update will have the beginnings of this, so we can improve on this feature once it's out and being tested. I'll also add a button to select all boxes on that tab - thanks for the suggestion!

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