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    Dang, over 2 months old and not a single reply? I...

    Dang, over 2 months old and not a single reply? I thought this was the place to contact Dev's?
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    Dish Hopper & Dynamic Playlists

    I created a Dynamic Playlist using Hierarchical Metadata.
    I used Genre only.
    This created a bunch of subfolders for my movies with different Genre names for each folder.
    The problem is when I try...
  3. Nevermind, looks to work now that I... Deleted...

    Nevermind, looks to work now that I...

    Deleted all my files.
    Ran DB maintenance.
    Then during the next folder update (where i keep all my movies) they seem to be showing the correct years now.
  4. Where does KooRaRoo pull "year" data from on MKV files?

    I have online metadata lookup disabled on my library. When I have it on I get too many mismatches and messed up cover art. I'm noticing that my movies are getting the titles pulled from the matroska...
  5. Can you offer any details? Should the new version...

    Can you offer any details? Should the new version use all available CPU's? Are there any controls to throttle this usage as you had mentioned previously that it was a performance concern to have all...
  6. 2.3.1 Looks like I can't update because my...


    Looks like I can't update because my support JUST expired, bummer, I had been waiting for this fix for some time now. :(
  7. Any luck in speeding up transcoding rates in the newest version?

    Hi there.

    As you may recall from previous support tickets, transcoding in KooRaRoo is very slow compared to running the same command line outside of the application. I always transcode my files in...
  8. 2.3.1, still could use some IMDB lookup improvements.

    So it looks as if my issue with duplicate titles has sort of been fixed. Now the original Annie from 1982 is being recognized correctly but there are a few other issues. These seem to stem from not...
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    IMDB Lookup Problems for Remakes

    I've seen this issue with both Footloose and now Annie.

    Even though my MKV files have the correct data embedded, even including the correct IMDB ID, KooRaRoo is choosing the incorrect version when...
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    When I take the same command (copied from...

    When I take the same command (copied from ProcessExplorer) and issue it via an elevated command prompt, FFMPEG uses much more CPU, just FYI.
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    Can we speed up FFMPEG and give it more CPU?

    I need to convert a ton of files over to the correct format to play on my Dish Hopper/Joey.

    Converting using KooRaRoo us much easier because it seems to have all of the inner workings of FFMPEG...
  12. Online Metadata "Search" button does not work for any Source

    Every source gives an error. All other browsing and dns lookups on this system work without issue, just this feature within KooRaRoo. It seems as if it fails immediately after hitting search, the...
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