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June 4th, 2013, 11:00 AM
I'm just trialling Kooraroo and so far managed to add files but I can't seem to work out how to connect a device. I don't have any spare time and I'm just trialling this out of curiosity. So far anything I've read is vague or irrelivant and I'm very short on spare time so if I can't find something soon I'm just going to give up on this.
There is no basic instruction that I can find to even suggest a starting point so I'm guessing I have to go to the device and somehow connect to kooraroo from there but I have no idea where to look or what to even think about ...I'm not all that tech savvy when it comes to server related things. I sort of half expected this to work automatically but it's not ...at least for me it isn't.
I'm thinking about connecting to the following devices...
Iphone 4
other computers (running windows 7 & vista)
Laptops (windows xp)
and finally our tv which is a Hisense TV about 7 years old. We have windows Vista hooked up to the TV with a PC there.

Is there a detailed instruction somewhere that can help me get started configuring the connection for these devices.

Hope someone can help soon.


June 4th, 2013, 11:07 PM
Hi Danny,

The way it works is that once you have KooRaRoo server started, it will be detected by UPnP/DLNA clients on your devices. Xbox has one built-in, but you may need to install some software on the iPhone/iPad to see DLNA servers. From the computers/laptops you can use either VLC or WMP to connect to KooRaRoo.

For example, on the Xbox360 just go to Music/Video/Photo sections and launch the media players there. You should see KooRaRoo in the list of available sources there and then you can select it and stream files from it.

June 22nd, 2013, 11:21 PM
Quite separately to my other ongoing query..I too was just about going to enquire.. perhaps less 'Cheekily';)
as to the methodology of adding the Humax DVRs which are shown in the drop down list..
I had heretofore imagined that the term 'Device' meant 'Reception of Signals' but the drop down list
now opens up the possibility of an Aladdin's Cave for me..
My wife is now on her Second Series of 'Chemo' and avidly watches all her soaps..often in the lounge but
also regularly from her bed..Hiccups do happen and i do try to capture programmes that the prime DVRs have missed..
hence.. to be able for her to watch programmes from the Humax device transmitted from my den.. would be a real benefit to her..
Equally Dennis.. you may not have heard of the latest Humax DVR offering in the UK.. but it is called the 'Youview' Box..
and in my case is connected to the Internet via My HomeHub..
I would be most willing to help out if at some stage you wished to look into that aspect of device extending..

June 22nd, 2013, 11:35 PM
Well, the term "device" in KooRaRoo means a hardware or software player that KRR can talk to. If it cannot talk to something, then it's not listed (and cannot be manually added, since there would be no point in doing that - the two wouldn't be able to exchange data).

If you know that a device should be there, but it's not, then it may be blocked by a firewall, it may be on a different subnet or it may be something else. I'm happy to look at that through support. Do you have same devices in the rooms (den and bedroom) or different?

I am also happy to create a new profile for the Youview box. Please open a ticket through support and I'll send you something to try - thank you for bringing it to my attention!