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March 4th, 2014, 06:09 PM

I'm new to KooRaRoo and have some setup questions.

1) Can KooRaRoo read my .nfo files for movies and TV-shows like they are used by my XBMC?
2) How can I setup a dynamic playlist which is grouped/sorted like this:

Music -+- Album -+- Album-Interpret#1 -+- Album-Title#1 -+- CD#1 / Track#1
| | | +- CD#1 / Track#2
... ... ... ...
| | | +- CD#2 / Track#1
... ... ... ...
+- Sampler -+- Sampler-Title -+- CD#1 / Track#1
... ... ...

I think Sampler and Album must be two different dynamic playlists, but how can i decide if an entry is an album or a sampler.
I have an MP3-Tag COMPILATION=1 on all Samplers. Can KooRaRoo read this tag?
How can a setup up the multi stage sort (first Tag CD-Number and second Tag Track-Number).

3) I found some wrong translated text in the german version - can I help you to translate?

Yours Tolotos

March 4th, 2014, 08:40 PM

Yes, KooRaRoo can read .nfo files and use metadata stored in those.

With regards the COMPILATION tag - KooRaRoo can read it, but it's not currently used for dynamic playlists. This could be a good enhancement to try. Can you please send one or two music files with that tag to support (at) kooraroo (dot) com, so that I could check whether the tag is read in correctly and perhaps work out the best way to use it.

Thank you for the offer to fix up the German translation too - once you send through the music files to support, I'll send you the translation engine that is used to fix text.