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September 11th, 2013, 05:25 AM
I thought I read somewhere this was possible and have looked around in the forums and googled a bit but could not find really anything conclusive. I love the program and use to stream files on the PC with no problem. Now I noticed there is an "Add Online URL" option and I tried copy/pasting http://www.cbc.ca/liveradio/popup/index.html?networkKey=cbc_radio_one&programKey=toronto but it does not work. That link is what is in the webplayer that pops up and if you paste that in a web browser it will play the radio.

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, or is this not the correct way of doing this. I know video is not possible to due yet with KRR.

Also the end result of what I am attempting to do is to have this stream to my TV.


September 11th, 2013, 09:31 AM
Thank you for that link - it's not currently parsed correctly, so please open a support ticket through http://support.kooraroo.com and I'll send you a patch once it's available.