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September 2nd, 2013, 02:14 AM
Hi Dennis, again it's me, I know, I'm awful hahaha.

This days I was watching a tv show, and as you know I'm spanish, but I usually like to watch original version. So here is the thing:

Is in your plans, or will can be possible to use multiple audio tracks and sub tracks when transcoding? Maybe transcoding all audio and sub tracks? I mean, just like when not transconding.

September 2nd, 2013, 08:05 AM

Well, technically it's possible, but the problem is that not many devices will actually allow you to choose from multiple streams. Many devices support only one video and one audio (and perhaps one subtitle) stream. Still, it's a possibility, so thank you for the suggestion and I'll add this in for consideration :)

November 16th, 2013, 04:50 PM
Hi Dennis, thanks for response. I was thinking... is there any way for me to enable this feature? I mean, maybe change or create some transcode profile...

Thanks for your time Dennis ;)

November 16th, 2013, 09:38 PM
We can certainly look into this :) It'll probably be best if you could e-mail me through support and we could discuss the specifics there. Once we work out what needs to be done exactly (i.e. based on device's capabilities for certain formats, multiple stream support, etc...) it'll be easier to implement.

November 17th, 2013, 03:48 AM
Of course Dennis, thanks, as always, you're so fast and attentive. I'll email you ;).