View Full Version : KooRaRoo Media v1.3.5 is now available

December 19th, 2012, 07:42 PM
KooRaRoo Media has been updated to version 1.3.5 and is now available for you to download and install.

The new and enhanced features include:

New: Allow creating playlists with "random" sorting order which are dynamically shuffled when accessed from a device.
New: Added an option to specify the percent which triggers the play counter to be updated (default is 30%).
New: Added an option to specify the file as played.
New: Added "next" and "previous" buttons to the file properties dialog to allow traversing through files without going back to the main list.
New: Added "select all" and "select all and save" to file's video online metadata property to allow quicker updates of files.
New: Show percent of the file that has been streamed alongside the byte count in the Status pane.
Improved: Remuxing to MPEG-TS.
New devices: Alpha Systems Media Player (software), LG TV (without DTS), Micca EP950, Panasonic Viera ST/VT series 2012 models.
Device improvements: Philips 3000-series TVs, Vizio TVs.
Fixed: Some metadata not read from WTV files.
Fixed: Existing files not fully updated sometimes during folder updates.
Fixed: Installer failed to properly register the server, causing it to fail to start on some systems.
Fixed: Subtitles and artwork folders cannot be cleared once set via Options.
Fixed: Manual transcoding dialog did not choose the optimal transcoding settings by default for some files.
Fixed: External subtitles not loaded up correctly from the external folder.
Fixed: External subtitles not delivered to LG TVs properly.
Fixed: Parental ratings broken in some cases on XBox360.
Other minor fixes and enhancements.

Please download from our site http://www.kooraroo.com/download.php or using this direct link: http://bin.kooraroo.com/KooRaRooMedia-setup.exe