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  2. Hierarchical MetaData Tree - Be able to amend once created
  3. Tree and Folder Meta Data Table View - Be able to customise the fields shown
  4. New Devce rating
  5. Folder rating and files in that folder
  6. Less frightening deletion message
  7. Comparison to other DLNA server
  8. Lets Have a PDF Manual Please
  9. Age ratings and Time play
  10. Windows 8 / WP Client
  11. Transcoding Profiles
  12. Suggestions about transcoding and playlists
  13. Online metadata Select all and move to next movie
  14. Subtitle Adjustment
  15. Watch and auto update/add media from folders
  16. Are you using a 32 or a 64-bit OS?
  17. Thanks KooRaRoo!!! Made my DLNA SO much easier!!!
  18. Suggestion: Bundle Kooraroo with Team Viewer
  19. Playlist Access & Subtitles (Japanese Anime)
  20. Suggestions
  21. Suggested font size, style and color for burned-in subtitles
  22. Metadata
  23. Alternate audio channels in video streaming
  24. TV / Series Organization
  25. Folder browsing
  26. Transcoding for two Xbox 360s
  27. It's time for a new 20% off promo
  28. iPad Remote
  29. Read meta data from MB3
  30. Little Plug
  31. Show KB/s in Status
  32. Stop transcodifing if playback stop at X time.
  33. Suggestion: Parental controls.
  34. Multiple audio and sub when transcoding
  35. Copy and paste Dynamic List
  36. Including all sub-folders when using an absolute path to a disk folder in a dynamic
  37. Different Server Icons per Installation
  38. KooRaRoo not deleting empty folders
  39. Language maps
  40. Setting default thumbnail size for pictures and videos in device profile
  41. Setting default or overriding sort method for photos and videos in folder properties
  42. Play Count - Bulk update?
  43. Thanks from a new user...
  44. Several ideas and feedback
  45. Scheduled times for Media Updates.
  46. MX Player xvid
  47. How to sort my videos by Title ?
  48. column headers
  49. controling what folders are available for various devices
  50. Kooraroo Server + Client APPS
  51. Devices - Limit KRR to specific devices only - set transcoding default to off.
  52. 2.3.1, still could use some IMDB lookup improvements.
  53. Suggestion: group dynamic folders like Actor, Director in A-Z folders
  54. Support for Google Chromecast?
  55. Potential Buyer Questions
  56. Suggestion: support .sub .idx burn-in subtitle
  57. Roadmap
  58. KRR Support for Asustor NAS 2xxte, 3xx and 6xx series
  59. Revise File Locations - database
  60. Reading m3u-files-is it possible?
  61. Suggestion for those with Android Tablets and phones - BubbleUPnP
  62. Any chance of being able to add pdfs, chms and ebooks to the support list?
  63. Updates, Improvements and Bug Fixes should be issued a minimum of every 2 months
  64. Thumbnails - photos, update folders, remove orphans...., move files
  65. AR15 - Your feedback about this software?
  66. Help! Where or who should I contact for my registration info?
  67. Is KooRaRoo dead ?
  68. If Kooraroo is Dead, then Mezzmo is alive