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  1. How to pronounce KooRaRoo?
  2. How can I download beta version?
  3. m2ts files
  4. How can I play file formats not supported by my device?
  5. How can I choose the audio language that should be used when playing video?
  6. How can I limit what my kids see or hear on their DLNA device?
  7. Running under SYSTEM account
  8. How can I play backed up DVDs on my DLNA device?
  9. How to get started with KooRaRoo Media?
  10. Share your favorite online radio stations!
  11. Subtitles?
  12. Tip: How to create a playlist showing recently played files?
  13. Run as a service
  14. Real Hassle To Set Up
  15. See all Files but will not play
  16. Does KooRaRoo operate as a Plug-In to Windows Media Center and how do I set it up?
  17. Thumbnails
  18. Play all videos in a playlist?
  19. Edit Profiles
  20. Problem with 1.3.0
  21. Trying to start 1.3.0, but see an error message?
  22. Galaxy s3
  23. Playing my "live" Sky Sports through KRR to my Sony Smart TV
  24. Multiple instances of KRR GUI
  25. Set a photo as thumbnail picture of video
  26. Recommended PC Specifications
  27. 1st time user questions
  28. Continious play
  29. Unable To Start Server
  30. Transcoding
  31. Pb with Philips 24PFL3507H/12
  32. Since Windows 8 install no thumbnails on new videos
  33. First time with KooRaRoo
  34. Since 1.3.2 update, Server keeps crashing
  35. Tip: Language codes supported by KooRaRoo Media
  36. Couple of problems
  37. DVD iso , no subtitles
  38. Tip: Folder structure not coming up on Samsung devices?
  39. oppo 83 server constantly stopping
  40. Tip: Not seeing files in folders through the server?
  41. Tips and common issues (updated: Sep 5th 2013)
  42. Web interface
  43. No sound on my PS3
  44. Where to put external SRT subtitle files?
  45. Visual C++ 2008 run-time
  46. Phantom KooRaRoo Since 1.34 Update
  47. Want to stream Blu-ray discs to Samsung TV
  48. KRR is Transcoding file that my Samsung TV plays well
  49. Video thumbnails
  50. Just not quite understanding transcoding
  51. Importing metadata from wtv files
  52. Audio Format not supported
  53. Problems with playing some formats
  54. Streaming on IOS/IPad
  55. Metadata messing up file names
  56. Kindle Fire HD - Any advice
  57. Unuseable functions??
  58. Streaming DVD
  59. Why do I see the media server listed twice?
  60. "Update Folder" hung - now status is messed up.
  61. Roku or APPLE tv
  62. Samsung question
  63. Anyone interested in testing burned-in subtitles?
  64. Server stops, "Access Error" on Yamaha RX-V773
  65. Streaming video as a source?
  66. KRR streams iso files
  67. Oppo 93
  68. Connecting to another device but my television ?
  69. Transcoding Problem
  70. Sony Bravia TV
  71. No sound on avi files
  72. New member
  73. Ports that need to be opened in your firewall
  74. How to use the burned-in subtitles feature
  75. How to check and select a correct device profile
  76. USA Dish network Hopper Profile
  77. AVC format with Sony Bravia 2012 (KDL-46HX850)
  78. Recommended hardware that supports fast forward and rewind
  79. Audio stop after 20 minutes with Cinavia message
  80. Older PC CPU
  81. MKV files don't play
  82. TV not detecting KooRaRoo after upgrading to 1.4 + full version
  83. Stutter and quality
  84. Profile for Avermedia O272
  85. What is the device URL for manual configuration of UPNP Client?
  86. New User with Various Questions and Reports
  87. maps
  88. Panasonic ST30 Transcoding
  89. Problem playing music
  90. KooRaRoo no longer detected by Smart TV after v1.4 update
  91. Linn Majik Ds
  92. Update notes - please read if you are updating KooRaRoo Media
  93. v 1.5.0 / Improved: Handling of multiple metadata values in certain files.
  94. Multichannel flacs streamed to Oppo BD-83SE
  95. Panasonic TV and last update
  96. Nook HD Device
  97. Netgear Neotv Seeing Image Files but not video files
  98. Pioneer VSX-527 Profile and transcoding problems
  99. Thumbnails
  100. New to KKR ...
  101. Meta datasource
  102. Samsung B/D/E and new audio stuttering/repeat issues since upgrading to 1.5.1 x64
  103. xbox 360 issues
  104. Netgear NeoTV NTV300SL
  105. On-The-Fly Transcoding
  106. Profile for Onkyo TX-NR515 AVR.
  107. Files Type Not Supported on PS3
  108. Improved "play to" in 1.6.0
  109. The selected file is not currently supported.
  110. Tip: How to get information about a file using FFmpeg?
  111. Disable Transcoding
  112. Update of folders
  113. Cannot play movies with my sony internet player
  114. Unable to play videos shot in camcorder
  115. Patriot Box Office not "seen"
  116. Polish translation - how can I help?
  117. Philips TV 5000 series profile
  118. How To Create a "Random Play" playlist?
  119. Onkyo TX-NR709 Playback problem
  120. Program Crashes
  121. HELP! Panasonic 2013 TV - TX-P42GT60 - can see everything, won't play anything!
  122. Subtitles Won't Play
  123. problem with MP4 videos
  124. Another new TV - Sorry Dennis ;-) - Samsung UE22F5400 - 2013 Samsung Smart TV
  125. Do you get a warning from your security program when downloading KooRaRoo?
  126. Media metadata scrambled
  127. How to connect a device
  128. The GUI crashes when update media
  129. Issues with programme duration
  130. Debug logging Settings
  131. LG TV doesnt see Kooraroo unless server software is restarted
  132. Buffering Issues
  133. Just registered and am impressed
  134. BBCi Player
  135. Unable to play any file from Synology NAS
  136. Subtitling only when necessary
  137. Dish Hopper/Joey device profile
  138. iPad streaming and device profile
  139. Changing location of log files and database files isn't working in 1.70
  140. Server
  141. Basic Questions
  142. Is there anyway to streaming to another PC in the internet with KRR?
  143. How to access the Web interface in KooRaRoo
  144. Unable to Pause, Fast Forward or Rewind on Netgear NeoTV NTV300SL
  145. Deactivate metadata
  146. Embedded .ssa subtitles - font and styling preserved on burn in?
  147. 3 Questions about video files support, playlist view and folder view
  148. Online Metadata "Search" button does not work for any Source
  149. Which Driver to use for HTC One phone?
  150. Trouble with Embedded Subtitles in MKV
  151. Transcoding is stuttering, low spec server.
  152. Will Pre-Transcoding allow me to skip forward/back in video?
  153. Is there anyway to increase limit amount of elements in dynamic list?
  154. KooRaRoo Media NOT WORKING !!
  155. How to set up and use KooRaRoo's Web interface.
  156. Question Mark in photo files
  157. Server
  158. Increased dynamic file list criteria for more fine-tuned playlist creation.
  159. Error Code 5 When Installing latest version 1.9
  160. Stuttering Issue on 2013 LG TV - 42LN5700
  161. Do you see an asterisk (*) in front of files' titles?
  162. Panasonic VT50 2012 Profile not working correctly.
  163. Panasonic P50UT50 Profile
  164. Sony BDP-S470 "no playable file" & XBMC not detected
  165. Cannot play files from your NAS, but they work from a local drive?
  166. Fast foward does not work on Dish
  167. Can I do this?
  168. Selecting Global Updating When Required Rather Than Using The Choice In The Setup
  169. Stream Radio
  170. DVD .iso with 1.9.0
  171. Loading Time
  172. KooRaRoo seems to get online metadata completely wrong
  173. KRR sometimes seems to get the file type wrong in the media information
  174. Files are in a wrong folder of kooraroo library
  175. Whats the annual renewal price
  176. Deleting incompatable files after transcoding to suit the device
  177. TRIAL on the end of Displayed Titles
  178. Automaticaly update the folders.
  179. New Problem with Palyback
  180. Masquerading A.C.Ryan Playon! ?
  181. Feedback on interop with Yamaha RX-A3030
  182. Disable Transcoding in general
  183. Web Interface for controlling KooRaRoo
  184. newbie question and issues
  185. weird issue
  186. KooRaRoo service will not start on Win 8.1 after updating windows
  187. how does it all fit together
  188. Combining Playlists?
  189. Having Problems with WDTV Live
  190. How to kill a Transcode que?
  191. MKV + Subtitles
  192. Will Not Play Entire Remote Device Queue
  193. Danish subtitles
  194. Question regarding transcoding
  195. Generally Lost
  196. Android failed to play
  197. KooRaRoo - free version crashing
  198. How To Disable Transcoding
  199. Photos Landscape vs. Portrait
  200. Reboot of computer
  201. UI crashes when pre-transcoding lots of files
  202. MKV subs not auto loading to be burned in
  203. Problem with photo and video thumbnail resolution on Samsung F-Series
  204. sys tray icon
  205. Windows Media Player Network Player Service
  206. Kooraroo,s media server is not started
  207. Problem with streaming of dvd rips to Sony Bravia 2009
  208. KooRaRoo will not stay connected to sony dvd players
  209. KooRaKoo not visible on LiveBox Play
  210. Transcoding drops to 8 FPS. Why?
  211. Two Devices in Devices Window
  212. Can't read new titles auto-added, server needs restart
  213. Vizio Smart TV E470i-A0
  214. Large memory usage
  215. hardware and software requirements
  216. cannot connect to LG BluRay player
  217. Cannot See Any Devices
  218. A few questions
  219. Remote player - server is not running
  220. Dynamic File List properties
  221. Almost got it working ..............
  222. Ordering by Title in the Main View for a folder is not always correct
  223. Xbox360 can see the server but claims the library is empty.
  224. Doesn't transcode properly it seems.
  225. There is no sound coming from tablet
  226. Remove Trial after each folder
  227. Newbie question #1
  228. Newbie question 2
  229. Directv
  230. Some newbie questions
  231. streaming
  232. CPU priority
  233. No Music or Picures on Samsung Devices
  234. Phillips TV 6000 Series, don't show Arabic or Persian subtitle
  235. Using a Pioneer A4 WiFi speaker
  236. Can we speed up FFMPEG and give it more CPU?
  237. subs
  238. Samsung BD-F5700
  239. Icon not visible in tray
  240. Streaming issue
  241. no horizontal scroll in status window
  242. Can you stream while a file transcodes?
  243. Dynamic Folders
  244. IMDB Lookup Problems for Remakes
  245. Transcode folder
  246. Philips 46PFL4508T..Any movie will just show "File is not supported" on my TV
  247. Can't see Vizio TV
  248. CPU usage
  249. Not seeing my Sony BD-BX57 in Devices
  250. new version eats memory